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WHS Electrical Safety Regulations

Test & Tag

Regulation states that equipment that is likely to be damaged during its normal operating conditions and or is subject to reducing the life span of the equipment then it is to be tested and tagged as stated in section 21 of the building act and AS/NZ 3670. Test periods will depend on the situation of the equipment and what type of environment, as there are a number of factors relating to testing intervals, we recommend that you call a professional to discuss the item specifications. In a construction based industry, items must be regulated and tested to the standard of AS/NZ 3012 which states all regulations for testing and tagging in this industry. These regulations may differ for the states of VIC and WA, please refer to there safety regulations.

RCD Testing

WHS regulations state that businesses which are exposed to hostile environments and or situations shall have RCD's installed to protect those circuits, also the RCD's must be tested coinciding with AS/NZ 3760.

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