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In Australia, the safety of both client and staff is given greater importance by reputed organisations. Many of which abide by the Electrical Safety Standards of Australia. Including regular testing and tagging of electrical appliances and devices. This is considered as an obligatory requirement in the safety standards. The motive behind this strict move is to minimise electrical hazards such as shocks and fires.

At JAE Electrical & Compliance Services, we maintain this standard for a large range of clients with our test and tag services. We ensure frequent testing ad tagging at regular intervals which is flexible from quarterly to five years based on the recommended frequency. Our technicians start with a close inspection of the electronic device or appliance for any major damage than using an appliance tester to complete tests. Once we are done with testing, the device is marked with a tag along with the nest testing date, ensuring its safety in the workplace.

JAE also provide a comprehensive reporting system so all our clients can access reports and details when ever they require to do so, this system also provides friendly reminders to both JAE and there client of when there test and procedure is due ensuring compliance is always up to date.


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