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RCD Testing

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An RCD or Residual Safety Switch is a term used for safety switches which protect you from electric shock at home or office. It is a life saving device that detects the power and electric current flow through the main switchboard and reduces the chances of electric shocks. Every individual should go for RCD testing fro home, officea dn other commercial properties.

RCD Testing involves a process of tripping safely when there is a risk of an electrical accident. At JAE Electrical, we check your RCDs functioning to help you stay safe at home and workplace.

Our process of RCD testing

  • Detection of electric circuits in connection with the RCDs
  • Check the main switchboard
  • Clean the switchboard and surrounding areas
  • RCD circuit barcode to track and manage data
  • Push the button to swatch if the safety switch is operating well
  • Measure the trip time by plugging in the RCD test device
  • Record the test and actions


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