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Exit & Emergency Light Testing in Melbourne

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Are there any emergency or exit lights in your office building or apartment? If yes, when did you last got them tested? Businesses in Australia are still unaware of the fact that exit and emergency testing in Melbourne, CBD is an obligation by Australian Safety Standards. According to it, you must test your emergency lights and exit lights every six months from a professional expert.

Don’t know whom to contact? JAE Electrical and Compliance Services will help you get the best electrical services in the city. Once you hire us for the job, we ensure on-time delivery of the expected results with complete safety. Emergency and exit lights must be in good working condition to help you and your employees find the way out in case of sudden fire.

Emergency light testing services

  • Battery testing of 90 minutes through circuit breaker testing or manual testing
  • Inspecting and replacing batteries
  • Checking and replacing diffusers
  • Analysing and replacing lights and bulbs whenever required
  • Ensure greater illumination by cleaning the surfaces reflecting light
  • Confirming compliance with present safety standards in respect to sign and distance type.
  • Test documentation and maintaining a log book stating the details of the test report.


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