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Electrical Appliance Testing in Melbourne

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A situation that every business owner wants to avoid is an electrical issue at the workplace. JAE Electricals and Compliance Services offer electrical testing services for business in Australia. There are businesses that use electrical equipment that needs regular testing. If yours is one such business, it is important to ensure smooth working of the equipment and updating your employees with its correct use. Maintaining electrical appliances at your workplace helps you avoid unexpected accidents and injuries. We have a team of expert electricians who test your appliances and equipment, ensuring complete safety at the workplace.

Our Electrical Testing Services in Melbourne


Our electricians follow a systematic testing pattern which includes various essential services such as:

*  Earth testing  *  High voltage equipment testing  *  Insulation resistance tests  *  High voltage and low voltage switchboards  *  Contact resistance  *  Testing transformers  *  High voltage Switchyards  *  Testing transformer winding resistance  *  Circuit breakers  *  Power generator testing  *  Locating cable faults  *  Polarisation index tests  *  Generator response tests  *  Arrangement of transducers  *  Automatic voltage regular tests  *  Leak testing for pressure and steam vessels  *  Partial discharge and fault finding

Hire our qualified and trained professionals for electrical testing and stay protected.


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